Monday, January 3, 2011

Club Artistes Auto

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My Canadian friend Paul Chenard made an exciting announcement recently, which I thought would be of interest to readers of Rubber@Road. Anyone who appreciates art and cars - particularly sports cars and racing cars - is probably familiar with Paul's work, which receives international acclaim.

With Paul's permission, I am reprinting his blog announcing the formation of an international group of automotive artists - the Club Artistes Auto. I am sure you will enjoy Paul's blog "AUTOMOBILIART",   and the work of these other automotive artists!

From Paul Chenard -

My good friend Belgian artist and friend Nicolas Cancelier thought that we should start an international group of automotive artists who like to chat, exchange ideas, exhibit their art together, and share a meal after events.

Porche 908 - copyright Nicolas Cancelier

© Copyright Nicolas Cancelier

I thought it was a wonderful idea, thus Club Artist Auto (CAA) was formed. Both artists Anna-Louise Felstead of the UK and Rick Rucker of the USA joined us in founding the group.

Porsche 956 by Anna-Louise Felstead

© Copyright Anna-Louise Felstead

Along the way, other artists who are enthusiastic about our new group have supported us. Dutch artist Ronald Hulleman kindly translated our brochure to Dutch. American artist Greg Spradlin of jumped in to provide CAA a website and email link.

Morgan Three-wheeler copyright Rick Rucker

© Copyright Rick Rucker

The goal of the members of this group is to be there and to be part of it, and all these artists exemplify perfectly what this group is about.

Maserati 250F copyright Ronald Hulleman

 © Copyright Ronald Hulleman

The potential for CAA members is huge; this is the only truly international group of automotive artists!

Shelby Mustang copyright Greg Spradlin

© Copyright Greg Spradlin

We are all volunteers, so portfolio revues can’t happen right away. But as we get rolling, I know we will a major force in the market, the go-to group for quality automotive art.

DB4GT Zagato copyright Paul Chenard

© Copyright Paul Chenard

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  1. Hi Jeff
    Thanks so much for posting on our new automotive artists group.
    The response has been tremendous, which reflects well on the future of Club Artistes Auto.


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