Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pickup Patina - 1967 Ford F100 Stepside


I think I might be a “patina guy”.  I hadn’t even heard of the expression until it was used to describe me. But it’s the patina that makes me want this truck.


Cars and trucks, especially working trucks, will accumulate wear, scratches, and rust that follow patterns based on the interaction of the surface with repeated human contact. And then there are the random dents. As in this example, often the hard chrome plating is the last surface to begin to break down, save the glass.

I found this truck early one morning, and was enthralled by the transparency of its paint. Maybe you can figure out if the truck was originally blue or orange, but I haven’t bothered trying to figure it out; it’s the pattern of wear and the borders between the two colors that I found just beautiful.

1967 Ford F100 pickup truck

Ford F100 1967 pickup truck in Sterling, IL

As with any old objects, original surface – patina – can have a great effect on an item’s desirability for certain people – "patina guys". Guess I am.

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    I can't give you a price, because I don't own the truck! I really wish I did!


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