Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy ‘bout a Mercury Ford


In tribute to the fallen Mercury, here are some that I have photographed recently.

I had my money
I tell you what I'd do
I would go downtown an’
Buy a Merc'ry or two
I'm crazy 'bout a Merc'ry
Yes, I'm crazy ‘bout a Merc'ry Ford

I’m gonna buy a Merc'ry an’
Cruise up and down the road

Mercury Boogie by K. C. Douglas and Robert Geddins

1941 Mercury rear window


My Dad’s first job with Ford was actually with the L-M division, so I have known more than a few Mercurys. A Turnpike Cruiser - which I remember for its extremely awkward styling – and a Comet Caliente which I remember for being a red convertible with a four-on-the-floor are the only two that stand out.

Mercury’s best years occurred before I was born – on the salt flats, beaches and drag strips of Southern California. But I did get to see Cale Yarborough and David Pearson muscle huge Mercury Cyclones around Michigan International Speedway back when NASCAR stock cars were basically stock cars. And I saw the great Dan Gurney race a Cougar wheel to wheel with Panelli Jones in a Mustang and Mark Donohue in a Camaro in the classic TransAm series.


Sales figures prove that there are not a lot of people who will mourn, or even miss, Mercury. But as long as it was breathing, there was always the possibility that it would get an infusion of support from Ford management. Not-quite-a-Lincoln is obviously not a viable niche, but perhaps it could have become the Scion of Ford. Could the brand survive as the entry gateway to Ford, rather than the exit from it?



Ford says they are now going to focus those Mercury resources on developing Lincoln. Judging from the Mercury products of recent years, that is not a lot.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Lincoln.

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  1. Those top three are just gorgeous! Can't think of anything prettier on a rainy day.

  2. Hey, thanks, jimtown! I drove by that car many times waiting for the right light. Then, when I went by it in the rain, it looked just perfect. And - now it's gone from that field. Thanks for your comment, jimtown.

  3. I found your blog searching for a photo of a 67 Cougar rear quarter view. That's the prettiest view of the prettiest Mercury and I think you nailed it. Well done!

    M. Pearson

  4. ...and your commets on Mercury as the Scion of Ford...interesting, and well said

    M Pearson

    1. M Pearson -

      I will always have a warm spot in my heart for the Mercury brand. They made some great cars. I know am anxious to see what Ford has planned for the Lincoln!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it.



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