Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Snowy 1952 Chevrolet copyright 2010 Jeffery Blackwell Photography

You don’t see a lot of neat old cars out in the snow, so I was really pleased when I ran across this 1952 Chevy, frosted as it was.

Many thanks to all the viewers/readers of this journal, to my clients, and to my friends and family who have supported my work and indulged my passion over the last year. Thanks especially for your comments here at the Road.

Best wishes for the new year.

~ Jeff

All words and images copyright 2010 Jeffery Blackwell


  1. Wow, beautiful pic, Jeff!
    Just stunning! You have to look at make limited editions available ...
    Happy New Year to you and you family.

  2. Thanks Paul!

    It's always great to get a compliment from someone whose work you admire.

    You might appreciate that the Chevy's lights were not actually on when I shot the photo, but when I was working on it in Photoshop, I couldn't resist making the old sealed beams glow ;-)

    How do you distribute your work, Paul? Giclée prints?

  3. OMG -- it's gorgeous, Jeff! Happy New Year to you!


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