Tuesday, October 13, 2009

K's Korners - Trading Post and General Store

K's Korners - cafe - copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

It’s difficult to describe K’s Korners, but when it materialized out of the fog in front of me just east of Rock Falls, IL, I really had to stop and take some pictures.

K's Korners - signage - copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

It was early on a Sunday morning, and K’s was not open for business yet. (Contrary to the “Yes, We’re Open” sign that was held on the tailgate of a pickup truck with a wooden carpenter’s clamp.)

The entire place had a surreal quality about it, and to be honest, I felt uncomfortable the whole time I was shooting there. Although it’s not exactly a junkyard, I had the constant feeling that there might be a big ugly dog around somewhere.

K's Korners - Trading Post and General Store

What K’s is, as you can see, is an establishment on the corner of two rural roads in northwestern Illinois where you can seemingly buy or sell anything including, but no doubt not limited to; gold, aluminum cans, aluminum boats, pre-owned luxury cars, “antiques”, breakfast, lunch and bottled beer (to-go or on a stool at the saloon), lotto tickets, live bait and also experience the “Mini Museum” or perform Karoke on Saturday night.

And, there’s a Drive Thru.

Did I mention the caboose?

K's Korners - used vehicles for sale - copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

K’s represents American entrepreneurship at a basic level. This particular intersection gets a very high volume of traffic, and K obviously decided he (or she) could divert a percentage of those vehicles into an establishment that offered something for the tourist, gambler, local lunch crowd, metal speculator, Muskie fisherman and the aspiring Country singer.

I’ll have to go back sometime when they’re open.

Ks Korners - Saloon - copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

All words and images copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

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