Friday, October 2, 2009

The Nissan Cube - Strangely, Cool

Nissan Cube - rear quarter copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

Certainly one of the more interesting designs around these days is the Cube from Nissan. If you are into car design you should go to their site and take a look at the Cube from all angles.

While reminiscent of the Scion Xb in that it looks kind of like it’s still in a shipping crate, the Cube is unique. The rear glass wraps around the corner of the car, but only on the passenger side. While this kind of asymmetry is a hallmark of French design, it’s just striking to American eyes. We love our sense of balance, and I’m sure many people find this effect quite strange. Which is why it should appeal to those who think strange is cool.

The other body feature that looks strange (or cool) is the extreme beveling around the window openings, which are very rounded. The effect is quite toy-like, almost whimsical. It’s hard to take this car seriously.

Inside, there is a “ripple” theme, inspired by the waves from a raindrop falling onto the surface of a still pond. This effect is incorporated into the headliner and, along with 20 variables colors of interior lighting, is touted to evoke a zen-like state of mind, something akin to the Japanese sand garden. A bonsai tree on the dashboard would not look out of place.

Anyway, I always appreciate a design that stakes out some new design ground and the Cube pushes a bit.

I shot this one while it was still atop the transport truck. Actually, from this angle and crop, the back end of the Cube looks like the front end of a cab-over semi tractor.

Nissan Cube - photo copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009

All words and images copyright Jeffery Blackwell 2009


  1. You TOOK these photographs!?! I thought they were some sort of glossy, highly-photoshopped marketing pix. How did you get the clouds to pose? The shots are absolutely stunning!

  2. I would call it sexiest truck in the world.Superb Designing !

    Digger Derricks


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