Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rolling Home

Jeffery Blackwell

I get the motorhome thing, I do, but to a degree.

My Dad's and Mom's "coach" (Class A. I think it was 42 feet!) was one of my parents' true pleasures, and though it had been across much of North America, it spent quite a bit of time parked right outside my kitchen window, where it was always a welcome sight. The kids loved to get off the school bus and see the coach hooked up at the top of the driveway!

I drove the thing once and I felt like people should be staring in amazement and pointing at me, "Look! That guy's driving an apartment down the road!"

Personally, I would prefer a Volkswagon Westfalia. Or maybe one of those converted Dodge Sprinters. Something small enough to drive around, but big enough to sleep in. I used to have this idea of building a tiny darkroom in the back of a VW van, and doing the Ansel Adams thing... fade to black.

It's not all about all the conveniences of home.

Being able to travel in any direction and not have to book a room in advance is completely different than the hotel-hopping experience. Somehow, it's just more of an adventure without a credit card deposit pinning down the end of your day.

But, some folks do like to bring their home right on down the road, complete with window treatments.

I image a pair of corduroy Lazy Boys right behind those curtains.

Roll on.

All words and images copyright 2009 Jeffery Blackwell

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