Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Harley's Model A

copyright 2009 Jeff Blackwell

I saw this Model A parked in front of a machine shop on National Ave. this afternoon.

Actually, I spotted it from down the road at "Insane Choppers". I had pulled over at Insane to take a look at a hot rod parked out in front. The rod turned out to be nothing special, and I when I saw the Model A, I moved on.

I learned that this car is owned by the founder of the shop, Overlook Engineering Service. His name is Harley, Harley Larson. Overlook does machine services, welding and blacksmithing. Did you know that jackhammers get dull? Well, Overlook sharpens them, along with repairing all kinds of heavy machinery. It's tough, dirty, noisy work, and these guys seem to enjoy doing it.

Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Harley, as he was catching a short nap when I happened by.

I did spend some time talking to his son, Peter, who also works in the shop. He told me that the A was the proverbial basket case when Harley picked it up, the orphan of a botched restoration job. Harley remembered driving a Ford A as a kid, and spent 10 years rebuilding this car.

Not a showpiece, Harley has made some concessions to safety. It makes sense, as he drives this car to work every day during the warm months.

I'll have to stop by again some time, and get a photo of Harley with his Model A.

If you need some machine work done in the New Berlin, WI area, I'd recommend giving Harley or Peter a call: 262-697-2138.

copyright 2009 Jeff Backwell

All images and words copyright 2009 Jeff Blackwell

Photographer's note: I really thought about making this monochrome to add to the "period" feel, but I love the greens and blues. What do you think?

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