Monday, March 2, 2009

Pony Cars

Racers obviously have a very special (and strange) relationship with their cars.

These folks spend countless time and treasure to essentially rebuild street cars from the tires up. Every single part of the car gets attention. If its not needed, it gets tossed. If it can be lightened, it will be. If it needs to be strengthened, do it.

They actually trust their lives to their cars.

Then they turn around and beat the hell out of them.

I photographed these particular racers just prior to the start of a great "vintage" race at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. The yellow car is a Camaro Z28 and of course the white one with blue stripes is a Mustang. The Mustang was rolled out of the showroom back in '64 or '65. I believe the Camaro is a '69.

These cars were originally raced back in the 70s, and have been raced and rebuilt and raced and rebuilt since then.

Who else would build something as close to perfection as possible, and then take it out and intentionally expose it to the possibility of complete destruction?

You have to be a racer (or a wannabe) to understand it. There really is no rational explanation for amateur auto racing.

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