Friday, March 20, 2009

Have YOU Forgotten?

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A lot of people use their car to express their politics.

I admit that when I put a "bumper" sticker on my car, I put in on the glass, so that I don't damage the paint.

How many of us put on those magnetic political statements (like those "I support the troops" yellow "ribbons") that can easily be pulled off when our commitment waivers, or we want to resell our vehicle?

The individual who owns this particular van holds a viewpoint that required him or her to break out the paint or marker and permanently - permanently, write on the paint of their vehicle.

So, maybe they don't own (lease!) a $60,000 Lexus, or a $90,000 Porsche, but dammit, this is their ride. The car that people see them getting into and out of every single day.

And they are willing - want to - let you know how they feel.

God bless America.

All images and words copyright 2009 Jeff Blackwell

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