Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr. Eclipse

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SO, I had pulled over to take some pictures of this old "Ghostbusters" ambulance (later), and this intense flash of red caught my eye.

It was a completely crappy, mid-March day in the upper Midwest, but down the block there was this flash of heat.

Hot orange-red, and just down the street.

As I walked up to the car I struggled to interpret what I was seeing. OK, so maybe you are accustomed to seeing LCD - TV's? - built right into the body of an automobile, but I am not.

I stared at the fender, the flat black rectangle seemingly just wrong on the supple, searing red flank of this car.

The edges were tight and with a nice radius, this was not a hack job. But why, why would someone cut a hole into the fender of a car (I have actually done this - it is not easy) to mount a TV screen?

When I met the owner, he told me there were 21 one of them. Seven were on the outside of the car.

"What do you show on them?", I asked.



Like you could get cable.

Still, I struggled with the concept. "Bullit"?

Randy ("Mr. Eclipse") told me that someone had broken into it last week and stolen 12 of the screens. All on the inside.

I asked him if he could light up the remaining screens for a picture. He looked a bit sheepish. "They stole the head. I don't even have a radio."

"I'm thinking about selling the car," Randy confided. "I think I need something more appropriate for a guy my age."

"This is what the kids are doing. I'm going to be thirty"

So what, Randy.

Crank up those screens. Put in "Clockwork Orange", and just sit in the driveway and scare the hell out of your neighbors.

All words and images copright 2009 Jeffery Blackwell

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