Thursday, March 12, 2009

Air and Light Management

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I saw this Chevy in the parking lot at the Home Depot. I have to wonder.

OK, so who needs a grill anyway? It just disturbs the free flow of air into the radiator(s). I can understand that, even though it makes those god-awful rectangular headlights look... awful.

So, now that you have all that air flowing smack into the front end of the vehicle, what are you going to do with it?

Deflect it, of course. Up over the hood and smack into the windshield. Where you can trap it with a visor. Complete with the three amber roof lights like the big rigs.

Speaking of light. I am not sure exactly what kind of lights those are (there is a matching one on the other side of the place where the grill used to be.)

But the mounting system is original. If you look closely (check out the larger image) you will see that these lights are actually suspended by very thin wires. Yes, they are free to aim themselves wherever the laws of physics recommend.


I wonder what this guy is buying at the Depot...

All images and words copyright 2009 Jeff Blackwell

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