Wednesday, February 18, 2009

whch wz agAnst d RulZ

Like most people of, shall we say, a certain age, I am a reluctant texter.

In my defense, I lack a QWERTY keyboard on my phone. (I know, right?)

I receive text messages from my kids occasionally. (And the New York Times, a bit too frequently.)

I pay $20 a month for unlimited text messaging on our three phones. My son sends or receives about 350 a month, and between my wife and I - about 20. At $.20 a pop, I did the math.

SO, IK kdz lov 2 txt

But I did not anticipate that texting while in class, as opposed to whispering or (!) passing a note, was a crime.

Apparently, in Wauwautosa, WI it is.

"The School Resource officer at Wauwatosa East High School was asked to go to room 242 and remove a student who refuses to stop texting on her phone during class," according to the Wauwatosa Police officer.

Was this a matter of:
  • A vicious High School girls' throwdown that would not be interrupted for anything, especially some rent-a-cop?
  • Despotic resistance to a new and more effective means of teenagers organizing for causeless rebellion?
  • Another case of old people not getting that, in a generation, there have been awesome advances in our bodies, especially our thumbs and our ability to do more than one lame thing at a time?
Whatever, the girl refused to give up her phone (duh) and was arrested and suspended from school for a week.

According to the article, the girl has twice since received citations for hanging around the school during her suspension.

I predict this kid will go far.

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